Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Truth About the "Al Aqsa" Excavations

All over the internet and the news sites, arab leaders have been condemning excavations that are "undermining" the Temple Mount.

I figure that some readers might be in confusion as to what is happening, so here is a brief explanation.

The place in question is the ramp to the right of the kotel plaza, a ramp that leads to the Mugrabbi Gate that leads into the Temple Mount/Har HaBayit.

A few years ago, there was a small earthquake and the little hill suporting the ramp to that entrance collapsed, making it dangerous.

Instead, the authorities built an (ugly) wooden ramp while planning what to do.

Now they have come up with this plan (see the picture) for a permanent ramp and in the meantime they need to build it, and that involves excavation, and while you are digging, why not excavate to find historic remains?

Nothing is being destroyed, (although there have been disputes about this particular design) and the arab protests are absolute provocations without any substance. Israel is not undermining the wall, whose foundations go ten metres below the excavation site and can stand pretty well by themselves. (Herod did a fine job!) In fact the ONLY threat to collapse of Har Habayit happened because of irresponsible excavations by the Muslims ON the Temple Mount, and they had to patch up a piece of wall - and they did a horrible job!

The Arabs LOVE to use Al Aqsa as a provocation. It was the excuse for the violence in 2000 when Ariel Sharon visited Har Habayit... as if that visit justified the violence (?!). And in Netanyahu's time, when a new entrance was opened to the Kotel Tunnels - in the Muslem Quarter, far from Har Habayit, they had violent protests. It is a great call to arms (ever since the Mufti's time) but it is absolute nonsense and the world should know the facts.

Unfortunately so many Israelis are absolutely ignorant of all this that the reporting on the Haaratz website is totally inaccurate as well! (And never mind those Israeli critics who have zero ideological connection at all with the place!)

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