Sunday, February 18, 2007

Letters To/From the Tanach

Ynet have recently opened a new "Judaism" website. I suspect that they want to compete with the very popular Maariv site.

One of their innovations there is just a fabulous idea, and a lovely fusion of contemporary Israel and Tanach. They have various Israeli celebreties/academics etc. corresponding with Biblical personalities. It is called מכתבים מהתנ"ך.

For example:
The biblical Leah "writes" to a psychologist about her emotional crisis in the shadow of her little sister.
The politician Yossi Sarid advises the Navi Eliyahu as to how one may deal with public resentment when you criticise the country's leaders!
And this week, King Uziyahu , stricken with leprosy writes to a (TV celebrity) doctor for some medical advise.

Good triggers for the classroom, and, if not taken too seriously, good Jewish fun.


Anonymous said...

You should give the credit to the author: Assaf Voll

prof said...

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