Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sacreligious and Dangerous

It is already starting! See this.

People on the right wing, religious right wingers, are watching the Chief of Police go down, the IDF Chief of Staff. They are saying that everyone who took part in the disengagement has a divine curse on his head! Don't you see? Sharon had a stroke, Haim Ramon who thought up the idea, is out; the President is falling etc. etc. And Olmert will fall next. Why? because of the Disengagement!

Now this stuff is nonsense and it is also dangerous nonsense.

First, it takes the responsibility away from the REAL problem. And that problem is corruption. This is a terrible disease that threatens the entire fabric of society here in Israel. It is a virus that must be totally uprooted and banished from the corridors of power. THAT is why the head of police is leaving! That is why Ramon fell. And if Olmert falls, it will be for his own corruption scandal. Who says that the Disengagement is THE cardinal sin of Israeli leadership? I would argue that corruption is far more insidious. It threatens to bring the entire structure of government down.

Second. It is a dangerous view. Yonatan Bassi (who headed the Disengagement office) has been hounded from his Kibbutz. Other people involved in the Disengagement have been attacked and abused. Where is the outcry from Rabbis? Where in the Jewish worldview do we find backing for such abuse that is at the very least אונאת דברים and an Issur DeOraita? These people convince themselves that God shares their political viewpoint, and then justify immoral acts in the name of God. Have we not learned from recent History? How can we presume to know God's mind? So now, they know why Sharon had a stroke, and why Karadi had to resign! We have a perfect reality. All because of the disengagement. How can we justify harmful illegal acts in the name of God? ... maybe the Disengagement was badly executed and even immoral. Maybe. But what makes you so sure that you know God's mind? Maybe God wanted us to leave Gaza? How dare you presume to understand the detailed reward and punishment of the Almighty? (And if they are correct... why did God "act" so late? Why not get rid of them beforehand???)

And I won't even get into the question of whether the Disengagement was possibly a good thing. Maybe I will get the curse!

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