Sunday, January 15, 2012

My New Book - Melakhim I - Torn in Two

I went to my publishers this morning - Maggid/Koren - to work on some maps and charts for my upcoming book and I was delighted to see that it appears in the new book catalogue. Here is the cover picture, and here is the text:

A sweeping study of the Book of Kings I, which addresses both broad themes and the details of the Biblical text. Drawing upon a rich skill set from midrashic and traditional medieval commentary to modern literary analysis, Rabbi Alex Israel's easy writing style opens this book to the modern reader. Whether discussing the complex personality of Solomon, the construction of the Temple, the split of the Kingdom, or the evil Ahab, this work offers the reader a clear structure to this complicated book, and a guide to its key spiritual messages. This book is an insightful companion to the study of Sefer Melakhim.

The book will be published by Maggid in Spring 2012 בע"ה 


Chaim S said...

Please let us know when it becomes available to order!

DJB said...

Wow - we are so excited - can't wait to read it!

Pragmatician said...

cover looks great!

Raymond said...

Looks great! Mabrouk!