Thursday, January 08, 2009

The whole Country is a Front Line

The news isn't so great today. Katyushas were fired from our NORTHERN border. Yes! The North! Is it Hizbolla, or some splinter Palestinian group? Who knows? The Government did expect this. Nonetheless, the knowledge that rockets are now hitting BOTH in the North and South is not particularly heartwarming.

I love how the news talk about the "Northern Front" (from Haifa Northwards) and the "Southern Front" (From BeerSheva to Kiryat Gat to Gaza) and the Palestinians have been throwing rocks and Molotov Cocktails on the roads in the West Bank. The whole country is the Front!

Yesterday, Gush Etzion had an evening fair with shopkeeperes and businesses from Sderot. The idea was to invite the stores of Sderot to do business here to prop up their waning revenues. A great idea. However they got to the army checkpoint, and when the army said that there had been some rock throwing on the road up to Gush Etzion, most of them turned round and went home. Better the rockets you know than the stones that you don't! The whole country is a Front Line!

Anyway, we'll have to see how things develop today. Seems like the army are working hard in Gaza. I have two pieces for you to look at today.

the British Press have been strongly anti-Israel throughout this crisis. Some of the language has certainly gone beyond the lines of any reasonable journalism. But see this strident piece by one of their central editors, a proud Jew, Daniel Finkelstein. It is an excellent read. (link)

In regards to the UN school that was hit, this post (link) was unbelievable. The headmaster is the mastermind of Islamic Jihad's missile division! There are reports that Hamas fighters go to children in the street and demand that the children accompany the fighters in order to ensure that the fighters are not fired at. Sick!

All I can say is .... Shalom! Hope it is a good day.

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