Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A Soldier's Update

Today has been a difficult day with several soldiers killed, some from an incident of friendly fire. Of course, now is the hard part. The first week, we were bombing them from a distance. The first day of the ground assault, the soldiers were moving in open areas. Now, they are fighting in built-up regions where Hamas have an advantage and we have a disadvantage. By all accounts, our Chayalim seem to be doing excellent work. Keep praying and connecting!

To read an interesting account of a soldier describing his experiences in Gaza and what they have found there, see this article (link) released today. It describes how Hamas have boobytrapped Mosques, how they have traps everywhere, tunnels for kidnap operations, loads of weaponry and other things for military action. Sounds like most of the Hamas operatives have fled their homes. But one wonders why a people who have little money to live expend so much of the scant resources on weapons whose objective is killing us!

Another fantastic article that is well worth reading attacks people who make loose comparisons between Tzahal and the Nazis! You can find it here. He argues his point eloquently and convincingly. (And to the best of my knowledge, Aaronovitch is not Jewish)

Let's hope that we can achieve a victory and an end to the killing very soon.

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