Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What's Going To Be With Gaza?

You have to hand it to the Palestinians. Israel had erected a border fence of metal sheeting and sunk the metal deep into the ground to prevent subterrainean smuggling tunnels. The Palestinians have apparently spent many months with oxy-acetylene torches which, it would seem, somehow eat through the fabric of the border wall. and so when they detonated 17 explosive devices this morning, the entire wall came crashing down and 200,000 Gazans crossed the border. Quite impressive!

Sort of reminds me of the way Egypt detroyed the Bar Lev Line in 1973. The Bar Lev line was a defense ramp made of sand and earth. The egyptians got through by hosing it down with high pressure water hoses.

But, of course, this just raises more questions. I have always felt that if they really want to overcome an obstacle, the Palestinians can find simple ways to exploit our national infrastructure. What will be next? Hamas is only 20 years old. They continue to demonstrate what one may achieve with determination, belief and ingenuity. But they are most certainly the enemy. Why? Because they call for Israe's destruction!

What does this say regarding any future border, or any accomodation with the Palestinians? With Kassams flying past and with the Palestinians simply willing to obliterate the border wall, our "siege" on Gaza certainly doesn't work. Of course military action in Gaza may provide short-term relief but is hardly a long-term solution. Is there any long-term solution for Hamas who wish to see Israel wiped off the face of the map of the Middle-East?

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