Thursday, January 03, 2008

Shlomo Artzi is a Belzer Chassid at Heart!

On the nrg site they have an amazing clip of Shlomo Artzi - maybe Israel's top rock artist. He was recording his music at a recording studio (some 12 years ago!) and next door was a choir singing Belzer niggunim in Yiddish. So watch Shlomo artzi singing like a true chassid, from the depths of his heart! (link here)

What can I say... it all just makes me think how bad it is that we are so enclaved here into our little sub-groups. Just look how a chance meeting in a recording studio brings different people together. If we all lived in more "mixed" environments, maybe we could erase so many of those divisions in Israeli society. It is amazing that although on a day to day basis religious and secular mix in a warm and very civil manner, stereotypes still prevail. Anyhow, if you ever doubted Shlomo Artzi's yiddshe neshama, here is proof.

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