Monday, November 26, 2007

Palestinians Unable To Compromise?

On the eve of the Annapolis conference, please see this excerpt by Shlomo Ben Ami. He was the chief negotiator and FM at Camp David in 2000, the last , failed Peace Summit. he is a unfailing left winger and Peace Activist. This is what he said in a Haaretz interview on Sept 13 2001 about the failure of Camp David:

"Intellectually, I can understand their logic. I understand that from their point of view, they ceded 78 percent [of historic Palestine]at Oslo, so the rest is theirs... But when all is said and done, after eight months of negotiations, I reach the conclusion that we are in a confrontation with a national movement in which there are serious pathological elements. It is a very sad movement, a very tragic movement, which at its core doesn't have the ability to set itself positive goals.
At the end of the process, it is impossible not to form the impression that the Palestinians don't want a solution as much as they want to place Israel in the dock of the accused. They want to denounce our state more than they want their own state. At the deepest level they have a negative ethos. This is why unlike Zionism, they are unable to compromise...."

His comments (BTW that relate to Fatah) basically relate to the fact that the Palestinians do not have a positive State building culture. Their entire national mindset is based upon the psychology of the victim. The world Bank have given them billions. we gave them Gaza. They didn't transform Gaza into housing projects, rivieras and Hi-Tech development parks as they promised. Where is the infrastructure, the institution-building? But they DO have a pathetic culture of self-victimisation. Can they emancipate themselves from it?

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