Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Podcast. The Spiritual Essence of Yom Haatzmaut

Every year, as Yom Hazikaron turns into Yom Haatzmaut, as sadness turns to jubilation, I give a sicha, a talk, to my students at Yeshivat Eretz Hatzvi. My aim is to communicate some of the spiritual significance of Yom Haatzmaut. We have become so accustomed to the existence of the State of Israel that sometimes we fail to comprehend and appreciate just what a miracle it is. My task is to help them appreciate just how thankful we should be, and to recognize the extraordinary miracle of Israel's birth, survival and flourishing.

If you are interested in some Yom Haatzmaut inspiration, here is the (audio) shiur from last year.

The sourcesheet is here

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