Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Israel. Country of Opposites

I love this country! Today, I was at the Tel Aviv Port. Great place. all of Tel Aviv is gearing up for Thursday night's "Layla Lavan" (lit. White Night) when there are all night long events throughout the city's cultural establishments.

I loved these two posters that were up in the port area.

On the one hand, Kabbalat Shabbat:

On the other hand: Yoga blessings to the setting sun!

Judaism and Paganism hand in hand - or just good old fashioned tolerance?

Well, actually I just love the fact that these two things can co-exist. And it is an acolade to the place of Judaism in Israel, and to Tel Aviv, that they hold something called "Kabbalat Shabbat.' (Bialik took "secular Oneg Shabbat sessions very seriously.) I know that it is probably way different from Kabbalat Shabbat in my shul, but they are welcoming Shabbat! That is a great thing!

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