Monday, August 16, 2010

What can we do for Gilad Shalit?

We spent Shabbat this week in Yerushalayim. I davened early and spent most of Shabbat morning in the park with my youngest. But at a certain point, we'd had enough of the park, and I suggested that we visit the Shalit family and wish them a Shabbat Shalom at the protest tent for Gilad that has been set up outside the PM residence . (Ever since the march from their home to Jerusalem, some 6 weeks ago, the Shalits have been living in a protest tent just 50 yards from the PM's official residence, and are promising to stay there until Gilad returns home.)

So my 6 year-old and I went to pay the Shalits a visit. It is quite startling to walk up to the tent and to be greeted by Noam Shalit, his face so familiar that you cannot quite believe that it is really him. And we chatted with him about the campaign, and how he is managing with their arduous vigil, and then we wished him well, and a Shabbat Shalom.

I asked Noam Shalit how we might be able to help, and he didn't really have much to say, other than "support us."

The sense of helplessness is palpable. I left asking myself the question; What have I done for Gilad Shalit? And, can I do more?

On the one hand, I am not a supporter of releasing one thousand terrorists for Gilad shalit, and despite the question, "If it were your son..." I do believe that a mass release of Hamas men would be a mistake.

And so, what then? What can I do?

My sister and brother-in-law say a tefilla for Gilad Shalit at Havdalla every week, bringing the prayers for his release into their home. I have had Gilad Shalit regularly in my tefillot, but maybe I can do more in that direction.

And I was just wondering whether we could get 1 million Shanna Tovah cards to Gilad Shalit delivered the the Director-General of the U.N. demanding that they be delivered to Gilad for Rosh Hahanna. Maybe some would be passed along? Who knows whether that might make some impression? Could we get something like that off the ground in the next 3 weeks? What do you think?
All addresses (and a card to download) may be found at a FB group I set up - here
You can send cards onling here at
Jpost piece here


Galya Greenberg said...

Would you please suggest an address? Are you suggesting email cards or "hard copy" cards? I would be very willing to publicize this in my area and among my personal and professional connections. (read about is on Lookjed)
Galya Greenberg

Dana Bar-or said...

רעיון נפלא!! גם אני בביקורי האחרון הלכתי לאוהל של הורי גלעד שליט עם 2 ילדותי.

הרעיון נפלא - השאלה עד כמה הוא אפקטיבי מבחינת המודעות העולמית , שתביא לשיחוררו.

אני לא בטוחה ...

אולי העלאת תמונות בצירוף לגו לאתרים החברתיים ?

דנה בר-אור

Laura said...

nu? we going to do it? say the word...

Alex Israel said...

The idea is for hard real cards, but in an email age that is rather difficult.

I set up a Facebook group for this with addresses and all. See!/group.php?gid=146127752079098

But there is now a way to send them online.

Tizku Lemitzvot!

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The best way , it's a full address thing!