Saturday, May 02, 2009

What does one do with music cassettes?

Naturally, when cleaning for Pesach, one throws out stuff; old papers, clothes that don't fit etc. But there is one thing that is sitting unused and unwanted that I am having a hard time with: my old cassettes. I barely own a cassette recorder anymore. Nonetheless, I am finding it hard to get rid of my cassettes: The first Police album that I purchased at age 13. Best of Queen, a full set of Beatles albums, Duran Duran, E.L.O, Blondie, Phil Collins and Genesis, Michael Jackson, and Simply Red, just to mention a few. In short, the best of the '80's. OK, and also some Miami Boy's Choir!

When I made Aliyah, I gave all my records (vinyl - yes!) to Oxfam. I hear that there is a new retro interest in records. But by my assessment cassettes are never going to make it back. No sentimentality there. And soon, even CD's will be dinosaurs.

I have nothing to do with the stuff. But it seems rather obscene to just throw 300 cassettes in the garbage! Any ideas? Do I just chuck them?

Comments are welcome!


lycralout said...

Not before you've converted them all to digital, of course. And make sure to keep a couple around, so your kids can marvel at the horrific technology we had to put up with.

Bez said...

tapes are making a massive comeback in melbourne so if you ever feel the urge you could put them on a barge and send them here. they're so much more tactile than cds, you can actually see the music rolling along as it plays. sigh.
failing that, there are many a project requiring old tapes for someone with too much time on their hands: