Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holy Veg.

Shemitta is beginning to kick in as we now begin to see vegetables with Kedushat Sheviit in special shemitta stores. These carrots were planted prior to shemitta but were picked in a special manner called Otzar Beit din, allowing them to be harvested and distributed without violating Shemitta. In addition, the supplier of these carrots is "Otzar Haaretz" which tries to minimise reliance upon the famous Heter Mechira and yet, will make every effort to buy only from Jewish farms rather than Palestinian produce.

I love the packaging here as it informs and warns that the carrots have special sanctity and hence must be treated in a particularly respectful manner. And yet it also informs us that "it shall be for you to eat" - a verse from Vayikra ch.25 - that tells us that fruit may be eaten during the Shemitta year... and according to Nachmanides, one fufils a mitzva every time one consumes Shemitta fruit!

From the outside, Shemitta may appear as an annoyance. However, today we do not consume korbanot, nor Teruma or Maaser Sheni. we have no access to any of our "holy foods". Except Shemitta food. It is the only opportunity to consume food categorised as sacred or holy.

And that is a special opportunity that living in Israel can afford us. It puts a big smile on my face just seeing this packaging.
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