Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Please Say Tehillim

For a very dear friend and student who has just been diagnosed with Leukemia.
His name is:
Shimon Elimelch ben Sima Rivka
שמעון אלימלך בן סימה רבקה

רפואה שלמה


Anonymous said...

Rav Alex, will you keep us posted on his progress?

Alex Israel said...

He is undergoing chemo.
Thank God they got the cancer early. But his protocol is a 2 year one, which means that they wont know if they have fully got it for 2 years.
Thank God ,he is yound and positive thinking, and has very good chances. So keep up the Tehillim and bexrat Hashem he will have a Refua Shelema.

For a website in which he posts updates, see:

David Levenson said...

The London School of Jewish Studies which your friend played a major role in setting up, has been dedicating shiurim to him during the past few weeks and are holding a special Erev Limmud on Sunday evening December 2nd at their premises at Albert Road in Hendon.

Refua Shelema