Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Astounding Rabbi Sacks

I just visited Rabbi Sacks' website. He has posted on the opening page at least 5 articles - all different - that he has written for the Yamim Noraim.

Below are a few links to notable articles. You should know that Rabbi Sacks is one of the most eloquent presenters of Judaism around today. He is a deeply spiritual kind, sensitive, brilliant man. In the few 1 on 1 conversations I have been privileged to have with him, I have emerged inspired spiritually, with many many chidushei Torah, and touched by Rabbi Sacks' enormous breadth and depth. If you are a student or anyone who is thinking about Judaism and modernity, read his stuff. Sometimes people hear that he is a professor and all and see his breadth of reading and imagine that he is an intellectual without a soul. I have one answer for these people. Have you ever seen him daven? He is one of the most deeply spiritual leaders we have.

See especially his polemic against the new school of anti-religionists who propose religion as the biggest problem to world peace and humanity. Brilliant! I am intending on using this article in my Rav Soloveichik class to illustrate the manner in which the "dialectic" is so central not just to Rav Soloveitchik's thought but to Judaism in general.

How about Ten Ways - Ten Days for Asseret Yemai Teshiva that also contain a powerful piece by Rabbi Sacks: "Why I am Proud to be a Jew".

I know of no other contemporary thinker who so regularly attempts to boost the Jew in the street and campus in his faith, and no Rabbi who is so widely respected around the World Community. I am simply astounded that Rabbi Sacks who is exceptionally busy, manages to produce these volumes of easy to read literature alongside his scholarly books and all his other communal responsibilities.

And see this set of essays too. On Five Topics, especially for students it is just great.

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