Thursday, May 31, 2007

Boycott English Universities!

I must say that I am rather shocked that they did it! The headlines say:

U.K. union backs calls for boycott of Israel academe

Haaretz's have been talking obsessively about this. Since Haaretz is a leading leftist newspaper who routinely oppose "Occupation" they are the most shocked when others refuse to see them as liberals, prefering to portray even the Israeli intelligensia as a bunch of bigoted rascists! This is what they said:

"In the face of boycott proposals by Britain's National Union of Journalists, by a group of British doctors and a group of architects, and in the wake of the Anglican Church's decision to divest from companies cooperating with Israel, even the Israeli left - which opposes the occupation and has been working against it for years - has no choice but to fight back.

... Academic freedom means first of all an open exchange of opinions, without coercion, and not shutting people's mouths. Moreover, the British boycott is directed at Israel's academic institutions that in any case are a bastion of opposition to the occupation. On the 40th anniversary of the Six-Day War, British academia should look realistically at peace efforts in the Middle East: Over the past decade, Israel has elected governments that have expressed the desire of a majority of Israelis for a bilateral solution of two states for two peoples and a withdrawal from most of the settlements. The withdrawal from Gaza was to have been the first stage. The victory of Hamas, which refuses to recognize Israel, cut off the process.

The anti-Zionist winds blowing in Europe, mainly in academia and in Britain, strengthen the position that the very birth of the Jewish state was a mistake. The European hard left regards the Law of Return as the root of all evil; however, without acknowledging the Jewish character of the State of Israel, there is not even a basis for dialogue. British academia is in fact demanding that Israel democratically cease to exist as a Zionist entity, and that it be swallowed up in the non-democratic region in order to pander to the latest trend"

I am now losing count of haw many organisations in the UK are boycotting Israel. From the Church to the Architect's union, everyone has nothing but criticism.

Many of my students here in Israel are returning to the U.K. next year for University. In the light of today's decision, how can they attend such anti-Israel institutins. I call for all Jewish UK students to boycott British Universities until the boycott is rescinded. Come to Bar Ilan, Hebrew U. Michlala Leminhal, Technion, Tel aviv U, Ben Gurion U. etc. etc. We have great Universities in ISrael. Take the cue from Nobel Prize Winner Steven Weinberg. Don't attend British Universities!

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