Wednesday, January 24, 2007

(אשר נשיא יחטא (ויקרא ד':כ"ב

רש"י ויקרא פרק ד
כב) אשר נשיא יחטא - לשון אשרי, אשרי הדור שהנשיא שלו נותן לב להביא כפרה על שגגתו, קל וחומר שמתחרט על זדונותיו
"...Happy is the generation who's political leaders have the sensitivity to bring atonement for their mistakes, all the more so for those who regret deliberate acts of impropriety."

The Torah was patently aware that political leaders would sin. It does not use the term "if the Nasi sins" but "when." Power frequently brings corruption. A quick look at Tanach proves this quite evidently.

Our President's actions are a collosal chillul Hashem and a stain on all Israel. The Rashi here welcomes a situation in which leaders are prepared to admit failings and crimes and face the consequences. We must ensure that as a society, we understand that sins are sins, and that they require justice, even if the perpetrator is the President. Apparently, even when impropriety abounds, we must be glad that society still retains a modicum of morality.

...enough said!

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