Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Turbulent Middle East

See this fascinating presentation (it takes 90 seconds) on the way that the Middle East has been captured and recaptured throughout History, amidst great bloodshed and violence. It has been the stage for all of the world's Imperial History.

I am still thinking about the spiritual implications. Any thoughts?

I have always thought that there was something in teh fact that Israel is at the crossroads of civilisation. This enables Israel to spread their particular mission of God and morality to the most advanced cultures of the globe. But wen I saw this presentation and realised how these world empires are just so enormous, what possibility do we really have in even having a micro-influence on the superpowers. On the other hand, history has proven that frequently , Jews have influenced major cultures and world leaders.

One thing is for sure. If God placed us in this central location, God wanted us to be connected to the cutting-edge of world events. He could have put us in Alaska or some lonely Island. We are supposed to interact with the most advanced of world cultures, to know what to take and what to resist and that is part of God's legacy for us.

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