Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

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This week I have seen a number of blogs that refer to the atmosphere in Tel Aviv on Yom Kippur. Some have depicted a party scene (here and here); others have depected a serene atmosphere (here and here.) But what comes through - even though clearly people widely and almost totally respect the day of Yom Kippur - is the vast differences in mood, in pulse and atmosphere that separate Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. People talk about the manner in which Tel Aviv is alienated from Judaism, but the sense that Yom Kippur is about anything other than prayer and fasting would seem to abound! (I should say that I am always impressed in the media/TV before Yom Kippur how there is a lot of attention to saying sorry and also to certain Resultions for the next year ... and that is great, but here I am talking about the mod of the city, the messages that the streets themselves transmit.)

On that note, here is a great song - probably my favourite of 5766. It's by Hadag Nachash, Israel's top rap band. Although I am not a rap fan, the words of this song speak volumes. (listen carefully.)

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