Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Truth is Slowly Emerging

Last night Israeli commandos worked 100 km beyond the Litani, taking Hizbolla leaders from a hospital. As one ex-IDF commando said on the radio:

"Imagine if a helicopter landed at Kikar Hamedina (in north Tel Aviv) and soldiers ran to Ichilov (a major nearby hospital) and siezed wanted men. The psychological blow is enormous."

It shows that they are exposed. That they have nowhere to hide. That Israel intelligence is all over them.

See this from today's Ha'aretz. From inside sources in Lebanon.

"The IAF bombing of the Dahiya neighborhood was a hard and humiliating blow to the Hezbollah leadership," the sources stated. "This is not only because the offices were destroyed. The offices were equipped with command, control and computer systems and valuable intelligence. But the psychological blow was just as important. They were surprised by the attack and by the precise information Israel possessed. The headquarters was their pride and joy. Its destruction served as a painful reminder of the gap, one that no Lebanese can miss, between their pretension of power and the truth."

Who said that Israeli intelligence has failed? And who says that we are not winning this war?

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